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24-Hour Emergency Dentist Manchester – Help, I’ve Broken A Tooth

24-Hour Emergency Dentist Manchester
by on July 23, 2018
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24-Hour Emergency Dentist Manchester

As an urgent care dentist in Manchester, we’re kept pretty busy. While teeth are incredibly strong and able to withstand pressure from biting and chewing, biting into something hard or the impact from a sports injury, can cause a tooth to break. If this happens to you during a Sunday morning football match, then what do you do? Should you contact a 24-hour emergency dentist in Manchester? Does a cracked or broken tooth constitute a visit to an emergency dental care clinic?

Although mild cracks or chips may not cause any pain and require little more than a touch of dental bonding, some dental breaks can be more severe and require an emergency dental care clinic visit in order to alleviate pain and potentially save the tooth.

So you cracked or broke your tooth – when should you visit a dentist?

There are a few different types of fractures and breaks and the severity of the break may determine your treatment options. Even if you don’t feel any pain after breaking a tooth, it’s important that you speak to an urgent care dentist in Manchester as soon as you can.

While you may only see a slight crack following a sports injury, for instance, it could be that the inner pulp and nerve tissues have been damaged which if not treated right away, could cause infection and lead to permanent damage of the tooth.

Types of dental fractures and breaks

Minor cracks will probably only require slight cosmetic correction. However, the following types of dental fractures are best treated by a 24-hour emergency dentist in Manchester, to prevent any long-term damage.

Top to bottom crack

If your tooth is cracked from the surface down to the nerve then an emergency dental care clinic dentist may give you a filling to stabilise the tooth and prevent the crack from spreading and recommend it be further strengthened with a crown. In the event that pulp tissue or nerves are damaged, then you may need an emergency root canal to get rid of any damaged tissue and harmful bacteria.

Break as a result of tooth decay

When a cavity is left untreated it can weaken and destroy the tooth from within, which in extreme cases can cause tooth loss. If it’s caught and treated in time, an urgent care dentist in Manchester should be able to save the tooth and restore it with a dental crown.

Split root break

This type of break usually starts off at the root and spreads out to the chewing surface of the tooth. You may experience an infection and/or inflammation and often in cases like this extraction is necessary.

Severe break

This type of break usually extends right down to the nerve and in the event of damage, usually, a root canal is carried out after which the tooth is restored with a dental crown.

What to do in a dental emergency

As a rule of thumb, tooth pain is a good indication that the tooth needs to be treated as soon as possible. If you’re suffering from pain, sensitivity, throbbing, or bleeding after a crack or break then we recommend you visit an emergency dental care clinic as soon as you can. In the event that your tooth falls out or is bleeding and loose, then rinse with warm water to cleanse the area and stem the bleeding by applying clean gauze until you can get to a 24-hour emergency dentist in Manchester.

Meanwhile, isn’t it reassuring to know that Church Road Dental and Cosmetics is your local urgent care dentist in Manchester? No matter what time of the day or night, if you have a dental emergency give us a call on 0161 485 7376. We’re a 24-hour emergency dentist in Manchester that’s always open for you.




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