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Abscessed Tooth Treatment – Why It Shouldn’t Be Delayed

Abscessed Tooth Treatment
by on June 4, 2018
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Abscessed Tooth Treatment

Aside from eradicating any pain, there are definitive reasons why you might want to seek abscessed tooth treatment.

Let’s face it when you have an abscess, tooth pain is probably the main signal telling you that something isn’t right. So while it might not be considered a full-on dental emergency in Manchester like say knocked out teeth or ongoing tissue bleeding, it is pretty serious and should really be treated as such.

Aside from the (in some cases) excruciating pain, there are very good reasons why you should never ignore an abscessed tooth. Let’s take a look at some of them…

Signs of underlying conditions

Almost always, a tooth abscess will develop because an existing condition has been left or simply not dealt with. For example, if a deep cavity were to go untreated and/or not properly repaired, it will eventually turn into an abscess. So not only do you have the painful abscess to contend with, there’s also the underlying condition too. In other words, it’s nature’s way of telling you that there is something very wrong with your teeth or gums that needs addressing.

Pain is often substantial

If you’ve ever been in the unfortunate position of having an abscess, you’ll know that abscess tooth pain is often substantial. It’s often characterised by facial swelling and pain can be agonising to the point of sickness. In addition, however, patients can also suffer from dizziness, hot and cold flushes and neck/head pain with many patients being on the receiving end of two or more symptoms, making it very easy to misdiagnose.

Your overall health can suffer

When an abscess is left to its own devices, things can get pretty unpleasant. Aside from a lingering and horrible taste in the mouth, it’s possible that the abscess can turn into an open sore and start to weep profusely. As it does so, any remaining pus, bacteria, and decaying white blood cells can spread to other parts of the body. While it’s extremely rare for dental abscesses to be lethal in this day and age, it’s only because abscessed tooth treatment is readily available. While tooth infections are usually mild, they can in very rare cases, overwhelm the immune system causing severe problems.

So what’s the treatment?

usually, the first thing a dentist will do is to give you antibiotics. This is to first eradicate any pain and to stop the spread of infection. Once any pain has died down, your chosen dentist can now deal with the problem. This is often, but not always, the tooth itself. In most cases a root canal has to be performed, following up with the fitting of an artificial crown. This can be carried out as an after-treatment to a dental emergency in Manchester if needs be.

As you can see. When it comes to an abscess, tooth pain can be resolved pretty quickly provided you seek abscessed tooth treatment fast. Remember if you delay, you may find that you’ll be whisked in as a dental emergency in Manchester, faster than you might think and that can be both daunting and costly. So if you have any signs of tooth problems we urge you to pay us a visit. Call the home of gentle dentistry on 0161 485 7376 today.

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