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Need An Emergency Dentist In Manchester? Here’s What To Do

Emergency Dentist Manchester
by on December 24, 2017
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Emergency Dentist Manchester

Let’s face it, there’s never a convenient time for toothache. When it strikes, it nearly always catches us off guard – leaving us running around trying to find an emergency dentist in Manchester that’s available at short notice or after hours. We know that many people are still unsure what exactly counts as a dental emergency, who to call, and most of all, what they can to do at home, so we thought we’d put together a few guidelines to help determine when to visit an emergency dentist for Stockport and Cheadle patients, how to ease dental pain at home and what treatment may involve…

First of all, what exactly counts as a dental emergency?

Although we’ve all got different pain thresholds, there are times when your dental discomfort requires immediate attention and you shouldn’t just grin and bear the pain. So if you’re unsure when to visit an emergency dentist, Cheadle patients can take a look at the following list to determine whether or not to seek dental care quickly.
Dental emergencies include:

• An accident that has caused damage to your teeth or mouth
• A loose or knocked out tooth
• A cracked or fractured tooth
• Serious infection or an abscess
• A lost crown or filling
• Any bleeding, pain or swelling

When to visit the hospital

Some dental problems are more serious and warrant a trip to your local hospital. Go straight to A&E if you experience any:

• Heavy bleeding that won’t stop
• Severe pain that isn’t helped by painkillers
• Serious trauma to your teeth, mouth or face from an accident

Now we know what counts as a dental emergency, let’s take a look at some guidelines on how best to handle some of the most common problems:

Your face swells up

What it could mean:
– It could be a serious infection that needs immediate attention from an emergency dentist. Cheadle patients should keep in mind that generally, these types of conditions rarely ever get better on their own.
– It might also be an infected tooth, gum infection or bone infection.

What you should do:
– Don’t wait! Get to your nearest emergency dentist in Manchester. It’s important that you get treated as soon as possible to avoid more serious complications.
– We’d also recommend that you drink lots of water to stay hydrated
– Keep upright, don’t lie flat, even while you sleep – this prevents excess swelling.

You knocked out a tooth

What it could mean:
– Don’t panic! If you can find the tooth and quickly re-implant it within 30-60 minutes (in other words, stick in back in the socket) then there’s a chance that it can be saved. Even if the tooth is re-implanted successfully, you’ll likely need a root canal afterwards – but at least you’ll still have your tooth.
– If you lose the tooth, you’ll need to replace it. An implant is the best way to do this and will fill the space where the tooth’s root used to be.

What to do:
– Pick the tooth up, but don’t touch the root. The crown of the tooth is the part you bite and root is the pointy end. Touching the root will damage tissue that helps with re-implantation.
– Try to place the tooth gently back into its socket. But make sure you don’t place it in the wrong way! If it helps, take a look at the teeth on the other side of your mouth to visualise how it should be placed.
– Call your emergency dentist as soon as you’ve re-inserted the tooth and head straight over. This should all be done with an hour.

If you’ve got a broken, chipped or cracked tooth

What it could mean:
– If it’s a small crack or chip, you’ll probably just need a filling. If a large piece has broken away then you might need a crown. But if the tooth is cracked all the way down the tooth, it will likely be un-salvageable and you may need to have it removed.

What to do:
– Don’t worry! If you’re not in pain, this buys you a little more time. Most often when teeth break, there’s no pain but just a little sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures. This is because the piece that broke off was large enough to expose the inner part of the tooth
– Call your emergency dentist. Stockport and Cheadle patients should try to describe as much as possible about the tooth over the phone so that the right appointment can be booked. You might say something like ‘one half of my tooth broke off’ or ‘my filling has fallen out.’ You could even email or text a photo.

If you’ve had an accident or injury

What it could mean:
– It depends. The consequences of a trauma can range from minor to severe. But remember, depending on how quickly you’re seen by an emergency dentist really determines whether or not you can keep your tooth.

What to do:
– First of all, get seen by an emergency dentist straight away!
– If you fell on your jaw, make sure that you have it checked out properly – fractured jaws can sometimes be overlooked and misdiagnosed.
– Use an ice pack over the sore areas. It’s also a good idea to take anti-inflammatory tablets for a few days too.

REMEMBER – The most important thing to know is that when it comes to dental disasters, problems nearly always get worse the longer you leave them – so don’t delay!
Well there you have it! We’ve covered the most common emergencies above, what they could mean and what to do. If you’re still unsure whether or not you need to visit an emergency dentist, Stockport and Cheadle patients should always give us a call or come straight over – we’re ready and waiting to help, even after hours.

If you’re in too much pain and can’t think straight, get a family member or friend to make an appointment with our emergency dentist in Manchester for you on 0161 486 0743 and follow the steps above.

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