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Dental Emergency Manchester

Did you know that understanding when you have a dental emergency in Manchester can actually save your teeth? A knocked out incisor, for example, will need to be treated there and then. That is if you want any chance of saving it. By contrast, other lesser dental emergencies such as a possible broken tooth repair in Manchester may be better treated during normal business hours.

Either way, when you contact an emergency dental care dentist, they’ll be able to tell you the steps to take to protect your smile while waiting for the first available appointment. So now we’ve cleared that up…Let’s take a closer peek at urgent vs non-urgent emergency dental treatment.

Urgent dental emergencies in Manchester

If you’ve lacerated your gums, cheeks or tongue, or you’re in any kind of pain that can’t be eased using over the counter painkillers, then this qualifies as a dental emergency. Manchester residents should also note that by calling right away, you have more chance of preventing any long-term damage. In these cases, even if it’s during the working day, Dr. Karim and the team always allow time for such emergencies so we should be able to see you pretty much right away.

Other scenarios where you might seek out an emergency dental care dentist immediately are if you have:

  • A severe toothache
  • Swollen gums,
  • Loose tooth sustained through an accident
  • Knocked out tooth
  • A large painful crack or chip needing emergency broken tooth repair Manchester

If your dental trauma happens outside of office hours then contact us on our normal practice number and the answer machine message should tell you how you can reach our designated emergency dentist in Manchester. Remember the sooner you call, the more chance we have of helping you.

But what about non-urgent dental emergencies?

Sometimes toothy problems will need attention but won’t necessarily need to be dealt with there and then. For instance, if your filling unexpectedly falls out on a Sunday afternoon when you’re enjoying a particularly crunchy bit of pork crackling, it won’t cause you to harm if you speak to an emergency dental care dentist first thing Monday morning. Likewise, if you have:

  • A dull toothache
  • Food that has become lodged between the teeth; or you notice a
  • Hairline crack or small chip on your tooth…

They can all probably wait until the next business day.

In essence, the main factor in deciding what saves a tooth from needing further and substantial dental care is quick thinking on your part. Remember our emergency dental care dentist is here for you. So if you have a dental emergency in Manchester or you need major broken tooth repair, Manchester residents should be sure to call. Contact us on 0161 485 7376 and let us help you to save your smile.




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