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Abscessed Tooth Treatment

Let’s face it, anyone needing abscessed tooth treatment is likely to be in quite a lot of pain. In fact, while many people experience an intense throbbing pain at the source, did you know that it can also spread to the jaw, ears, or neck? In severe cases, if left untreated, patients can have difficulty in opening their mouth and or swallowing/breathing. For these reasons, it’s advised that you contact us for emergency dental treatment in Manchester.

So how can we help?

First and foremost, these type of symptoms mustn’t be ignored and should be considered a dental emergency. Manchester patients can rest assured that whatever time of the day or night, we’ll do whatever we can to get you out of pain fast.

Once in the dental chair, we’ll conduct a thorough examination of the infected area. Then once we’re sure of the cause of your tooth problem, abscessed tooth treatment can begin. The first step is to alleviate the pain; so we’ll look to drain any pus from any visible accessible areas and then we’ll prescribe a course of antibiotics to take down any swelling and also to stop the infection from spreading further. Any pain should immediately be minimised and after taking anti-biotics, is usually eradicated totally after two – three days.

The next stage is usually carried out during a second or third appointment after undergoing emergency dental treatment in Manchester. However, the nature of the abscess very much dictates the type of treatment you’ll receive.

For example, when dealing with an abscess on the gum (periodontal abscess) it’s important, once the abscess has been eradicated, to close the pocket where the abscess has developed. This is done using a technique called root planing and makes the gum tissue fold back tightly onto the underlying part of the tooth to avoid further infection getting in. This may be carried out by either the dentist or our hygienist.

Alternatively, If the abscess is periapical in nature (Eg – the infection has started in, or has spread to the tooth) then one of the most common procedures is a root canal. During this procedure, any infected pulp tissue is cleaned out and backfilled with a synthetic material before being sealed once more. In most cases, the tooth will then be fitted with a dental crown in order to protect it and maximise tooth life.

Remember, trying to ignore a problem tooth will only make it worse. Instead, call Church Road Dental and Cosmetics for abscessed tooth treatment. We’re experts in gentle dentistry and our dental emergency Manchester team have the knowledge and skills to get you out of pain fast. So if you’re experiencing any kind of tooth pain, don’t delay, call us on 0161 485 7376  right now!




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In most cases, if you have a dental emergency in Manchester, your general dentist should be your first point of call for help. Most dentists actually set time aside throughout the day specifically for emergency dental treatment so Manchester residents can be seen quickly. That being said, when it comes to emergencies that happen out of hours, we find that many people are confused as to whether they should still visit a dentist or go straight to an emergency dental hospital in Manchester instead.

There are certain cases in which getting straight to the hospital for treatment is the best course of action, but many emergencies only require help from your local dentist. It all really depends on the medical emergency itself, so if you ever find yourself in this situation let’s take a look at who to visit and when.

Emergency Dental Treatment Manchester

Should I visit the hospital for a dental emergency?

Heading to an emergency dental hospital in Manchester for problems such as a toothache isn’t always your best option. Why? Well, it’s important that you’re treated in the right place by the right team, and your local dentist is fully trained to handle the vast majority of emergencies with the needed equipment better than A&E staff are. 9 times out of 10, visiting our out of hours emergency dentist instead will ensure that you get an accurate diagnosis and treatment without delay. This being the case, the only emergency dental treatment Manchester residents should visit A&E for are:

  • – Jaw fractures or dislocations
  • – Severe lacerations of the soft tissues of the face or mouth
  • – An infection or abscess that’s caused severe swelling and is impacting breathing or swallowing
  • – Heavy bleeding

In any of the above situations, either call 999 or head straight to your nearest A&E.

When to visit an emergency dentist

Most dental emergencies are not considered life-threatening but they still need immediate attention. This includes problems such as:

While it’s true that these conditions don’t necessarily require hospital treatment, they can

still cause a lot of pain and discomfort. If you experience any of the above, give us a call straight away. Treating the problem fast can make a big difference when it comes to saving a tooth. Remember, ignoring the problem is never the answer. In fact that often leads to further pain, damage and expense.

Is it a dental emergency?

Problems that can be dealt with during normal working hours such as re-cementing a loose crown or smoothing down a chipped tooth aren’t  really dental emergencies. If you’re confused as to what is classed as a dental emergency, Manchester patients typically should be able to answer yes to the following questions:

  • – Do you have bleeding in the mouth?
  • – Are you in severe pain?
  • – Have you had any trauma or injury to the face or mouth?
  • – Do you have any loose teeth?
  • – Is your mouth or face swollen?
  • – Have you got any bulges or lumps on your gums?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you should call us immediately and describe what has happened and what type of pain you are in. Generally, any dental issue which needs immediate treatment in order to save teeth, stop bleeding or relieve pain is considered to be a dental emergency.

Ways to help avoid a dental emergency

Emergency Dental Hospital ManchesterTo avoid an unnecessary dental emergency, Manchester residents are advised to have regular check-ups. Your dentist can spot any potential disasters early and make sure that your teeth are strong, healthy and decay free.

In addition to regular checks, always remembering to wear a mouth guard while playing sports activities helps to stop teeth from getting chipped, broken or worse still, knocked out. It’s also good to try and avoid chewing hard foods that could fracture or break your teeth.

If you’re planning a trip abroad or an extended holiday where you might not have access to dental care, it’s always a good idea to visit your dentist for a check-up before you leave. This is so that your dentist can make sure you don’t have any problems, such as decay that could cause pain or an abscess, loose crowns or veneers or any other dental issues that might cause you inconvenience while travelling.

When visiting Church Road Dental practice for emergency dental treatment, Manchester patients can be confident that we’ll do whatever we possible to relieve you of any pain or discomfort quickly. For instance, if a tooth has been dislodged or knocked out of your mouth in an accident, our team at Church Road Dental can treat the damaged nerves and tissues. By replacing the injured tooth quickly, there’s a good chance it can be saved.

In addition, if you have severe toothache as a result of decay, then depending on the extent, root canal or extraction may be necessary. These treatments are not available at an emergency dental hospital in Manchester, but can instead be carried out by our highly experienced team comfortably at our practice, whatever the time. Afterwards, we’ll always advise you on any other treatments that are needed in order to get you dentally fit again. To book an emergency dental appointment, you don’t need to be an existing patient, we provide emergency care for all, including visitors to the Manchester area.

Remember, we know that a dental emergency in Manchester won’t always happen during typical working hours, that’s why we offer a service for out of hour’s emergency dental treatment. Manchester residents can rest assured that you won’t be kept waiting and we’ll do all we can to get you out of pain and discomofort as fast as possible. So, if you have a dental emergency, call us first on 0161 485 7376. We’ll either treat you at our dental practice or advise you to visit the local emergency dental hospital in Manchester if necessary.









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