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Broken Tooth Repair Manchester

A problematic chipped or broken tooth should never keep you from smiling. In fact, when it comes to chipped tooth repair or broken tooth repair in Manchester, dentists have a number of ways that they can deal with the problem. In this post, our Manchester Emergency dentist guides you through the options available.

The first and logical thing that you should do if you do chip or break a tooth is to all your dentist. Depending upon the severity of the problem, they may be able to treat it there and then, but at the very least, they’ll give you advice on what to do until it can be dealt with. However, assuming you’ve already done this, here’s what you can expect to be treated with.

Porcelain veneers

A veneer is a thin shell-like layer of porcelain which fits over the front of the tooth. Once colour matched and polished, it looks just like your natural tooth enamel and for this reason, can cover up a multitude of sins including a chipped or broken tooth. If your tooth poses more of a cosmetic problem (Eg. it’s easily visible when you smile) then this may be a good option.

Dental bonding

This is normally resolved for minor chipped tooth repair and is the least invasive and cheapest procedure. It involves moulding a composite material over the chip so that it fills the space. Once hardened, it creates a strong structure over the area that blends in with the rest of your tooth.

Dental Crowns

These are usually reserved for chipped tooth repair or a broken tooth repair in Manchester where the chip/break is more severe. Unlike veneers, dental crowns are made to cover the entire tooth and act not only as an aesthetic enhancement but can also restore function allowing the patient to be able to bite down on the tooth and chew normally. Typically, crowns are made from a durable ceramic porcelain, porcelain fused with metal (PFM) or Zirconia. Some dentists offer same day crowns where they can be manufactured and fitted chairside.

Dental Implants

The final option might be to remove the tooth altogether and fit a dental implant. This is usually reserved for times when the existing tooth can’t be saved. This may be when the tooth is badly cracked or broken close to the gum line. By removing the tooth a skilled dentist can then place a titanium post in the space, before sitting a life-like dental crown on top. The result is that it looks, feels, and to a certain extent acts, just like a real tooth, and one that can last for many years to come.

So there you have it, your options for chipped tooth repair and broken tooth repair. Manchester residents can rest assured knowing our Manchester emergency dentist can help. If you have any further questions about how we can bring your smile back to life, contact us at 0161 485 7376 today.

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Dental Emergency Manchester

There are few things in life as stressful as a dental emergency in Manchester. The pain, the threat of tooth loss and the unexpected expense is enough to throw anyone into a panic! But being prepared for an emergency helps you to deal with your dental disaster calmly and could even mean the difference between saving your tooth or not. The most common emergencies involve fractured, dislodged or knocked out teeth, so let’s take a look at a few tips to help you handle a dental crisis calmly, should an emergency ever occur.

Know your local Manchester emergency dentist

When disaster strikes, you don’t want to waste any precious time trying to look up the nearest Manchester emergency dentist in your area or spend hours driving around town to find a dental practice that is open out-of-hours. Instead, it’s much better to know where your nearest emergency dentist is in advance and keep their number stored on your phone so you can be ready to call them ASAP. Plus, as soon you get your dentist on the phone, you can get real-time instructions on exactly what to do. Here at Church Road Dental and Cosmetic, we offer out of hour’s emergency dental services so you always get the treatment you need exactly when you need it.

Make a dental first-aid kit

Exactly what kind of supplies you’ll need will depend on the type of dental emergency in Manchester that you experience. But it’s still a great idea to have a few things stored all in one handy spot that you can grab if needed. Take a look at this list of items we recommend stocking up on:

• Disposable gloves
• Gauze
• Small mirror
• Cold compress
• Over-the-counter painkillers
• Small container with a lid
• Temporary dental cement
• Saline solution

Know how to deal with…

Knocked out teeth

If you or your child knocks a tooth out, it’s not necessarily a hopeless situation. Often, we’re able to put the tooth back in place and save it – but only if you handle it correctly. To do so, you’ll need to act fast by following these 3 steps:

1. Be careful not to touch the root of the tooth – instead, make sure you hold it by the crown (that’s the visible part that you usually see in your mouth). Rinse it gently with water, but no scrubbing! We want to keep the tooth moist here, so don’t dry it off.

2. Once the tooth is clean, you’ve got two options. Preferably, try placing it gently back into its socket and hold it there by biting down softly. But sometimes this isn’t always possible (especially with young children). So instead, grab the small container and saline solution from your first aid kit and pop the tooth in to soak. If you don’t have any saline handy, milk is just as good.

3. Call your Manchester emergency dentist straight away and head over there. It’s important to realise that time is of the essence with knocked out teeth, so try to see your dentist within 30-60 minutes after the accident.

Fractured or cracked teeth

If your tooth has cracked or fractured, call your dentist for an emergency appointment straight away. But before you head over there, follow these steps:

1. First, clean your mouth by gently rinsing with warm water as it’s important to keep infection away from the affected area. Keeping the tooth’s nerve healthy while you wait for treatment gives your tooth a better chance of being easily repaired.

2. If there’s any trauma to your face involved, get the cold compress from your first aid kit and apply it to the area to lessen any swelling. If there’s any bleeding from your mouth, bite down on a gauze.

3. Call your dentist for an emergency appointment. If the tooth is really hurting, take some painkillers to relieve the pain while you wait. Contrary to popular belief, you shouldn’t place a painkiller (such as aspirin) directly onto a tooth that’s hurting – it will only irritate your gum and possibly make the problem worse.

Dislodged teeth

If your tooth has become loose or it’s no longer in its proper place, don’t panic. Follow these steps:

1. Gently try to put your tooth back into the correct position. Using your finger, apply a tiny bit of pressure but don’t force it!

2. Call your dentist and head over there ASAP. A dislodged tooth may be painful so if you need to, take some over-the-counter painkillers and apply an ice pack to lessen any swelling. Your dentist will likely splint the tooth – which means fixing it to a healthy one until it becomes stable again.

Save for a rainy day

Dental emergencies are often unexpected and so is the cost. There’s never a good time to fork out for dental repairs, so it’s a good idea to set aside some savings for emergencies. Even if you’ve got a dental insurance plan, you may still need to cover some of the cost, depending on your policy.

With our tips on how to be prepared for a dental emergency in Manchester, hopefully you’ll be able to handle any disaster that comes your way, from a toothache to knocked out teeth. Remember, if you need an out-of-hours Manchester emergency dentist, Church Road Dental and Cosmetic are here to help. Our friendly and experienced team will do our best to get you out of pain and back to dental health. Call us now on 0161 486 0743.

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